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Godfrey Pest Control is a family owned business run from our smallholding in Oxfordshire. We are close to Wantage and Faringdon.

We all love wildlife, but it is a sad fact that quite often some species become too successful to the detriment of us humans and the environment in general. This is often due to people’s mistakes, making it possible for unwelcome species to take advantage, and proliferate.
These species may spread diseases and harm to us and our animal friends.
Some can cause a lot of expensive damage.

This is where Godfrey Pest Control can help. We will always discuss the options and take in all the environmental considerations. If chemicals are needed we can discuss the pros and cons of each method of treatment. We will keep you informed and will only act on your wishes.


Rats and Mice: You may be surprised to know that mice will spread all the same diseases as rats, and because they are more likely to come inside, they may prove an even greater risk to us. Both of these rodents are incontinent and contaminate food and surfaces that they visit. The best solution is to keep them all away from where we live by ‘proofing’. Usually the numbers need to be reduced before this can be done.

We will always discuss the options of methods we can use with you, and try to find the best answer for your particular situation. You will always have a written record of what we have done and the name of any chemical we may have used.
Trapping is a non-chemical solution but is very labour-intensive and sometimes becomes prohibitively expensive to use on it’s own. A combination of methods is often advisable. We need to adapt to all circumstances.

Insect pests.

Wasps. If a wasp nest has taken residence in a place where they are a danger to people, We can usually deal with them. We have equipment to reach more than 8 metres. Sometimes we need to stop and think before destroying them. Wasps are useful insects in the garden. We also need to check that there are no vulnerable protected species living in the area of the nest (such as bats)

We can also supply very effective wasp traps if the nest is not on your property, or there is no wish to destroy it. This is a solution used by tea-rooms and pubs where people like to eat in the garden in the summer. It gives them peace.

Flies. If you have a fly problem, we can advise you about the best way to deal with them.

Ants. We can advise and get rid of ants nests if they occur too close to where you live.

Fleas, We can spray rooms for fleas if needed.

Moths. We can monitor, and spray areas for moths if needed.

Other insects, We can usually deal with other insect problems if they occur. We are happy to come and look for a very nominal charge, which is deducted from our fee if we treat them for you.

Other animals.

Squirrels, We can place squirrel traps and dispose of the squirrels for you.
Moles can be a problem for farmers because they bring up heaps of soil, which can degrade their machinery. Even worse, if this soil gets in to any hay or silage, it can introduce diseases such as listeria or salmonella into the animal feeds. We can trap moles and clear the land for you.

If Rabbits or Deer are spoiling crops, we can send an expert shot to survey the situation and deal with it if necessary.
If birds are in the wrong place we can advise and help with this as well.

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